How To Fire Your Boss

How To Fire Your Boss

The goal of every entrepreneur is to venture off and be self sufficient in their business. Obviously that is something that is not attainable over night. You’re working your 9-5 by day and running your business by night. What is your end game? What do I need to know in order to quit my day job and be indendently self sufficient in your entrepreneurialship.

What do I need to know in order to FIRE MY BOSS?

First we need to determine how to replace your 9-5 income with your business income. 

1. How much do you need to survive comfortably?

2. How much does your business cost to operate?

3.Add those two together

4. Review your business analysis and determine if the products And services you are offering will generate that amount. 

5. If not, what can a change or correct within my business to increase the amount of sales and traffic?

During this transition you will need to assess each week and analyze what you done and how have you progressed to keep yourself on track. Accountability will be necessary in ensuring you remained focused and achieve your goal. 

Plan strategically so that you can set yourself up for success. That will require sacrifising. You may not be able to eat out at your favorite restaurant and have to cook a meal instead. You may not be able to stop at Starbucks every morning and have to invest in a Keurig and a pack of pods instead. 

‘Ultimately the hard times in the present will lead to great times in the future. Build for the life that you want and work diligently so that you will be independent and self sufficient and FIRE YOUR BOSS! It won’t be easy but if your passionate and working within your craft it will be well worth it. 




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