Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

It is said that you find your passion not from what you do but why you do what you do. What is your "Why"? What drives you to get up each day and work for your goals? Those who achieve their goals often have a powerful reason behind why they MUST achieve those goals. Failure is not an option, giving u is not an option, slacking off is not an option. When you don't have a reason why you must do something, its easy for you to fail or get deterred from your goals because there are no consequences to you failing. This is where the importance of finding your why comes in.




*What will it look like when I fail?

*What will life look like when you succeed?

*What will it improve if I accomplish my goals?

*How will I suffer if I don't?

*Who am I impacting by my actions?

These are all questions that will help to guide you when determining your why. Your why will give you the drive you need to get you to your desired goal. If it is powerful enough you will need no other motivation. 



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